The Lodge Shop combines our passion for deliriously delicious teas with our desire to provide meaningful year-round work for women in Northern Ontario. Sunshine, bountiful water and the stunning natural beauty of the French River bring an influx of visitors and economic options during summer months; once the off-season arrives, however, tourists flee with good jobs fast on their sandal-clad heels.



From its new beginning in 1999, our parent company - The Lodge at Pine Cove (The Lodge) – has made a substantial impact on the local economy. Its workforce has expanded five-fold to over 20 employees during that time. The Lodge shops locally and encourages a strong environmental ethic. Moreover, The Lodge is now one of Canada’s top boutique resorts. It’s a success story built by the hard work and commitment of its staff, which is largely made up of local residents, mainly women.

To boost their opportunities during the winter months, The Lodge has taken an exciting leap and opened The Lodge Shop: an e-commerce site featuring Lodge products that fills this employment gap. All the packaging, shipping and receiving for The Lodge Shop takes place in Noelville, the town closest to The Lodge at Pine Cove.



Guests love the loose-leaf teas available in The Lodge’s cottages, so we thought: Why not offer an online taste of The Lodge all year round? On the snowiest February afternoon, we want you to sit back and sip one of the 38 premium blends of tea available in our online Lodge Shop. We trust the experience will take you on a trip to a screened-in porch overlooking the French River or a wooden dock where warm water laps at your feet. Let the rich smells and deep, luxurious flavours of our selection of exquisite teas gathered from around the world transport you to the peace, quiet and serenity of The Lodge at Pine Cove.

And while you are there – whether in mind and/or in body – know that your purchase of our loose-leaf teas is bringing meaningful work and economic opportunities to women in our Northern community.



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